What you are not.


That’s a good formula to adopt in the quest to discover your purpose and identity. I think it works. The point at which we start to pin down the things that we are not wired for; the things that do not resonate with our calling is the point where we begin to gain better clarity about what we actually have been designed for.

You know, we are often defined by what we are not as much as by what we are. And I think it’s important to attain this consciousness. At a level of wisdom, that’s how to make sense of things and of life….not arbitrarily or unilaterally but relatively.

An interesting fact: science tells us that, when you look at a blue shirt for example, that shirt is every other colour on the colour spectrum but blue – it is red, orange, yellow, green, indigo and violet all together but blue. You are able to see blue colour because when white light impacts on the object, blue is what is reflected in your eyes, while other colours are absorbed by the object. (Worth taking a moment to reflect on).

I personally believe the question of purpose is a critical one in the minds of many people, probably including you at this time – you are saying to yourself: “what am I built for?” And I bet that, one way to answer this question is to start with what you aren’t designed for.

It works!

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