When you want to embark on a creative venture


…begin with a step at a time; otherwise, you will give in to the resistance.

The painter starts with a stroke of the brush. The writer starts with a word and then another. And then a paragraph and a page. He knows very well that it’s not possible to edit a blank page, so he writes lousy stuff first. He writes nonsense, plenty of it, with the hope that he is able to connect the main points later and trims away the clutter. (A smart writer writes just the way he talks without giving in to the tyranny of the laws of grammar….and then comes to edit later).

The guy who is starting an innovative business or curating a disruptive idea often cannot see the end from the beginning, but he starts anyway – he prototypes different business model until he finds out the one that works.

Doing creative stuff is like attempting to climb a mountain or do a marathon – and to succeed at this, you must take one step at a time. Forget about the endpoint or the result, just focus on the process.

That’s how to make it work.

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