“Who do you think you are?”


Anyone who desires to make a difference in this world will be required to answer this question, whether s/he likes it or not. Life will ask you and society will point its fingers at you and challenge all of your assumptions and beliefs.

There’s nobody who does big things just like that. You must win that war, first from within and then without. (It’s always inside-out).

That’s why I insist that people who do not believe in themselves are twice defeated — defeated within and defeated without and that’s a waste; a massive waste of all the immense potentials and possibilities of the human spirit. I need not tell you what we have done as ‘mere humans’ — with all of the heavy odds and oppositions that are stacked against us. We have invented merchant banking, mobile telephony, organized philanthropy, world wide web, artificial intelligence, additive manufacturing to name a few. We have gone to the moon and we are conquering other planets at the moment. These are impossibilities that have become possible.

However, the caveat is that these feats (and many others) have been accomplished only by people who believed in themselves even when no one else did. And people who believe that our personal vote is the principal and critical success factor that we are required to meet. Everything else is secondary.

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