Who will speak first?


“Who is going to break the ice?”

“Who is going to help us negotiate a way out of the dip?”. Do this kind of thoughts sound familiar?

I’m guessing that you have attended a meeting of this nature where everyone in the room is quiet and no one is willing to speak out. From corporate board rooms to small groups. It is hard work to speak when you aren’t so sure if you will make sense and understandably so.

But someone needs to speak for us to have forward motion. Someone has got to be willing to be wrong. Someone has got to rise up to the occasion.

And don’t get me wrong, ‘rising up to the occasion’, doesn’t in any way mean, ‘being always right’. No one is always right and at the same time, it’s never wrong to raise our hands to try.

We are not asking you to be sure before you raise your hands to chime in a point. We are only asking you to lean-in. To be willing to say something. Willing to suggest a solution. And most importantly, willing to be wrong.

Maybe at the least it might spark a fire in another person’s mind and lead to a chain reaction that helps the team find progress. And it usually does.

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