Why am I here?


Everytime you log on to Facebook, you have two choices: to do the urgent or the important. The important is the real reason you came on the platform in the first place (for those who have a reason) while the urgent is the updates on your time line screaming at you for a bit of your attention. Those new posts — texts, images and videos of your friends and acquaintances enticing you to indulge a bit.

It’s a common struggle for most people. And it is very tempting to fall into the trap of scrolling through your time line and forgetting the purpose why you came there, which may have been to send a private message to a contact or to read an important post from a mentor or a new piece of news item or whatever gives real value.

It is the same with life.

If we are not careful, we will keep falling for the urgent over the important. The reason why we must make it a habit to always ask the question, ‘why am I here’, everytime. When you leave the house in the morning, ask yourself, ‘where am I going and why am I going there’…even if it is as routine as going to your office that you may have been doing for over 10 years. Even in trivial exchanges like hanging out with a friend, you can be objective also, by saying to yourself, ‘why am I seeing him/her and what should I aim for as a takeaway from this meeting’.

Whatever you do, always ask why.

This is how to live a life of meaning and purpose. Don’t get stuck in the rut!

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