Working hard in school and in life


Stats says that over 60% of the people in the US don’t get to read one book completely, after school. That’s the US. Think about your country – am not sure we might hit 20%, considering our national literacy rate.

Now, that’s sad. Sad because many people act as if, life is harder within the four walls of a school than it is without. They act like the only tests we get to face are those on white sheets of paper with an instructor in the room. If you have completed the conventional school, you would agree with me that the pressure within the four walls is nothing compared to what obtains outside.

I like to see a school as a controlled environment at regulated or ‘standard temperature and pressure’ while the world is not. The world is a dog-eat-dog system. A battle of the fittest and the finest. And as it turns out if you are going to be ahead, you have to be knowledgeable and skillful enough to negotiate for it.

You have to have the aptitude to learn, unlearn and relearn….and understand that while Academics is what they teach you, Education is what you teach yourself, every day. And on that basis, it can and should continue outside school. We don’t even have any excuses today, with tons of self-development materials available at our disposal via the internet.

The chief work we now have, is to decide. To decide to be smarter with each passing day. To understand that the internet is not just a tool to catch up on gossip sites and social media as much as it is also a tool of self-development and advancement. And that it takes the investment of time and extreme focus to build anything of value, whether it is a career, a relationship, a business or what have you.

My point is, we do not graduate in life – graduation is even a wrong word. I think commencement as the Americans say it will cut it better and help to put the minds of young people that leave the conventional school system in the right frame for what’s ahead.

So, keep building yourself. Never graduate. Stay sharp

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