You are already lucky


It is common that people attribute a chunk of successes in today’s world to luck. They see the celebrity musician and sport-star as a lucky one – “they are lucky and I’m not”…they say. And by this attitude, they give away their power and the responsibility of making the effort to succeed…. “If luck cannot find me, then I have no chance”. What a waste!

I dare say that if you are reading this message right now, via whatever means, you are already lucky. If you have got the asset of access to this information, you probably are one of the most privileged humans walking the planet at this moment.

If you are living in this age and time, with all the freedom and tools and possibilities we have today then you have no excuse. I can imagine how many decades it probably took the thought leaders of the last century to spread their ideas around the world, but that’s not so today. With a click of send, I can reach you with my thought wherever you are in the world, just within a split second.

This week is another opportunity to do the work you are capable of and to give your best to a world that is desperately seeking your contribution.

I hope you’ll rise up to the occasion.

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