You don’t need to collect more dots.


That’s my motto for the year 2019. It’s a personal creed I have kept close to chest since the beginning of this New Year.

In my nearly twenty-nine years of existence, it is getting clearer to me that people often do not suffer for what they do not have as much as for what they have but don’t know how to use. That unique ability to see and recognize value is where the game changes. The ability to connect the dots in your life in a way that communicates recognizable, transferable, useable and rewardable value is the difference maker and it turns out it’s also often the gap between success and failure.

You know, it’s always tempting to seek for more. To strive to get that extra that we hope will do the magic and if we are not careful we start to race to the bottom. We use the lack of the extra as an excuse to hide and to hold back from actually making something happen.

Concerning your life’s work, I’m almost sure that you have collected enough dots at this point and I believe that now is the time to connect them and start something — something daring, bold and audacious. Now is the time to make change happen in your own way – both for yourself and for the world around you.

We are counting on you.

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