Your family and the family


Imagine a world where we treated others like we treated our own relatives?

Think about how much of a difference it will make if we wanted the good of everyone we meet everywhere we go like we do to our loved ones. Think about the impact of these on society’s crime rate.

You know, just over two thousand years ago, there were just about a thousand people on planet earth. Everybody was related to everybody. So few they had to marry along family lines. That’s how small the family is. Scale that to 2019 and we have over 7 billion people on the planet and it looks like a game of us and them when it is actually us and us because we are all related – your family is a part of the family. And we all owe ourselves love and goodness.

We are supposed to practice the golden principle at all times and treat others in the way we will have them treat us.

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