Your passion is the compass


It’s common place to find people (mostly young folks), who are perplexed and stressed because they are not able to clearly articulate their life’s purpose or work. And unfortunately, some even take this information gap as an opportunity to hide from giving their best to their work and leading their best lives. What a waste!

Rather than going on a “seeking spree”, I think that a better way to manage this should be to intelligently follow where your passion leads. It is often never wrong. It knows you and what you are built for, far more than anybody can advise, instruct or counsel you. And you will need to acknowledge it. Those pantings in your heart are probably the small genie that is leading where you should go, in the labyrinth of life. So acknowledge it as a first step, don’t be dumb to it. Appreciate that inner voice. And take small actions on it. No matter how small. Take a step. Start your passion, as an hobby, (while on a 9-5 job) grow competence in it and strive to commercialize it as soon as possible.

This is a surer formula and it works!

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