Your theory about the top

I’m guessing that you have heard this statement, see you at the top, at one time or another. Maybe you have made the gesture to someone or someone else has said that to you, whichever way.
Now, two things:
  1.  I think the top is a relative idea. In that what is top to you may not be top to me and there is a chance that we might not see there, if you know what i mean. The thing is, success is not a one size fits all concept and it is a poverty to try to reduce it to the faulty bottom-line of material acquisitions. Our society today, with it’s populist posture is very guilty of this.
  2. There is no one way to the top. That’s why there are different fields of human endeavour, which should infact have different KPIs in how it measures success, otherwise, how do you tell who is more successful between Pope Francis or Bill Gates or the local community school teacher who is helping society build a child at a time or an international aid worker who is putting his life on the line to reduce the number of causalties in a war torn country. It is really hard to pin down.
So you see that success is what you call it and it starts from an understanding of one’s self and one’s calling. From a firm loyalty to your design and your assignment and most importantly, your maker. You get the idea?

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